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Policy and Strategy Related Experience

  • Assessment to establish the need for shipping alliances globally on behalf of a number of clients.

  • Evaluate the need for antitrust immunity for shipping lines for the Singapore Competition Commission.

  • For the Institute for Shipping and Logistics, Bremen, providing an assessment of the strategic developments of the major container carriers.

  • Advise container carriers on strategy issues related to new business opportunities.

  • Government of Canada, Transport Canada, provided strategic advice on business and investment opportunities in India for Canadian companies. 

  • For the European Liner Affairs Association (ELAA), developed a negotiating strategy vis a vis the European Commission, D.G. Competition, on setting up a Trade Association to replace the Liner Conference system.

  • Strategic economic impact study for the European Commission Directorate for Competition.

  • Developed a strategic assessment of the viability of entering the Asian trade for a French Liner Operator with recommendations for strategic alliances and new trade entry.


Port Feasibility Studies and Commercial Market Analysis

  • Commercial assessments linked to port concessions and privatization.

  • UK Dept. for transportation/Trinity House- projection of UK/Eire port calls and revenue to 2020, by vessel type and size.

  • TMSA – Morocco Tangiers Med review of global economy and international trade opportunities for major new transshipment terminals.

  • Feasibility study for a new container terminal in Aceh Province, Indonesia.

  • Port Ochakov, Ukraine – Review of feasibility study to develop a major port complex.

  • For TEC, Inc, in the US, reviewed a draft port and container terminal concession agreement from a major carrier interested a port at Sao Tome, off the West Coast of Africa.

  • Assessment of the future traffic volume for the Port of Singapore and the Malaysian ports, on behalf of Port Klang, Westport, Malaysia.

  • Policy study to evaluate and propose key elements of a new national maritime strategy for the unification of the maritime sector under the Office of the Presidency and the Maritime Commission, Panama.


Trade Related Studies

  • Assessment of the Key Success Factors for Forwarding Agents.

  • Assessment of perishable goods market moving by airfreight that could be switched to the maritime container trade.

  • Assessment of the viability of a railroad company to enter the Transpacific trade as a vessel owner/operator or slot charterer.

  • Inland transportation distribution model for Northern Europe.

  • Developed an assessment and model of port container traffic to hinterland and transshipment destinations by mode for the ports of Hamburg and Rotterdam.

  • Forecast world maritime trade for the Suez Canal Authority for a study of potential expansion of the Suez Canal to accommodate larger vessel sizes.  Forecast trade was analyzed separately for individual commodity groups for vessel types of interest.  The study analyzed future traffic by vessel type and size and the revenue impacts for the Canal.

  • Evaluation of transportation landbridges between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

  • Economic evaluation of a World Bank feasibility study to assess the viability of a rail network across Saudi Arabia.  

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